Guidelines & Expectations

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Your {   } month one-on-one coaching program is custom-designed for successful professionals who want the highest level of personal service and are willing to invest in themselves to bring on greater returns than they thought they could. It is an inten-sive, transformative program of weekly telephone conferences, supplemented by unlimited additional unscheduled calls for emergencies, and for sharing concerns and triumphs, and unlimited e-mail correspondence.

I encourage my clients to speak with me or e-mail me anytime they have an emergency, or a concern or triumph they want to share. These additional calls and e-mails an included service.

Once we're working together, you will find that while I may lead the way from time-to-time, you will make the important choic-es and determine the pace at which we work The agenda for our conferences will always be yours, unless you want me to take control of it

While the focus of our coaching is most often on growing your practice, we'll undoubtedly face issues of fear and issues relat-ed to other aspects of your work or your life. I will listen to you closely and offer my impressions whenever you ask (and often when you don't). I will often be challenging you to look at things differently, or act in certain circumstances to achieve a de-sired result I will also support you in establishing the goals that matter most to you. You will choose the goals. I will support you in reaching them.

Part of what I will be doing is teaching you to become better at coaching yourself. I will help you tap into your strengths, and by doing that grow even stronger.


One of your obligations will be to call me right on time at our prearranged scheduled times. While this ideally means once every week, occasionally we'll skip a week to accommodate either of our schedules. If we do, we'll make up the difference by extending our time together on another appointment or by extending the end date a week or two

Sessions generally run between 45 and 50 minutes, but I ask you to set aside an hour to cover the possibility that we will run over If you miss a call in a non-emergency situation and haven't notified me of a change, I will have the option of counting the time set aside for you as having been used for a call. If I miss a call, we will make it up at a mutually satisfactory time and I will give you extra time to make up for any inconvenience.

I want the best experience for you If you need to change a scheduled call, try to notify me as far in advance as possible. As long as you give me 48 hours notice, I have no problem arranging a make-up call. Similarly, sometimes my schedule is inter-rupted. I will extend you the same courtesy.


I have recommended a six-month program, and you have agreed to work with me for months. Many clients work with me steadily, or on and off, for years, but the choice to continue is always your choice. Coaching should continue as long as it is working for you and it is fun for both of us.


Payment is made in full in advance. Your agreement is for the full program and is not prorated if you withdraw early from the program voluntarily.


If you are faced with an immediate challenge or just want to share good news, you can call me anytime during the week. I make time between my regularly scheduled calls for brief conversations like this. You can also e-mail me whenever you wish while we're working together and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Let me know if you have questions about how this works and how you can benefit the most from this additional coaching


My goal is to provide an exceptional, powerful, transformative service to you. If you feel you are getting anything less, let me know, so that we can talk about it and I can correct it right away. Every relationship has its awkward moments and I would like us to address them honestly and then move past them.


I am committed to doing everything in my power to have our coaching relationship be successful. Remember that my only agenda is to help you. Remember, too, that you will be making the important decisions and you are responsible for the results of your actions. Sometimes, the result will not be the one we wanted, but we'll work together to figure out why and you will choose your next action. In the end, though, you must agree that if something doesn't work, I am not liable for it. The decision will be yours.


I will ask a lot of you. Being stretched and challenged is one of the hallmarks of coaching. My goal is not to overwhelm or burden you I will, however, ask you to do more and be more than you may have done and been in the past.

I give it to you straight. 100% of the time

If I am sure of the situation, [II suggest alternatives to you about how to handle a problem. If I am not sure, I'll say so. It's up to you to "run it through your own filters," take the best of what I share, and leave the rest.

I catch incongruent conversation and activity.

If I catch something that doesn't seem right or sense that you are not feeling so great about something, I'll ask you about it. I work hard not to be confrontational, but I will ask For example, if you tell me that something is important to you, but your atti- tude or actions don't back up the words, I will mention this My objective is always to shed some light on things and help us both see a situation more clearly.

I believe and expect that you are taking action.

Your coaching program will be designed to expand your capacity to obtain results. I usually ask each client to agree to accom- plish several things between calls, action steps that we come up with together. If you say you'll do something, I expect you will do it

I ask you to use coaching, rather than depend on it

As your coach, I am a resource for you to use to your best advantage: I have stores of ideas, patience and strength for you. I may share principles from time to time that could increase chances for success and add quality to your business or your life. Use our partnership to the fullest—rather than need or depend on it.


Your personalized coaching program is an investment in you and your future in the amount of:
The number of scheduled sessions with me will be:
They will be over the following number of months:
During this time you will also have unlimited additional access to me by phone or email.

The scheduled sessions will start with our first appointment on:
The scheduled sessions will run to approximately:


In our initial session, we'll get clear on our goal for our three months of work and begin to do some of the foundational work well need to do. As we move ahead, we'll zero in on any obstacles that might be stopping you, and begin the process of identi- fying what makes YOU feel fully alive. We will identify your essential gifts and strengths and begin bringing them to the fore- front of your life.

Scheduled Weekly Coaching Sessions

Every 7 to 10 days, we'll get together by phone at a pre-scheduled time to identify obstacles, discuss progress, and help keep your energy, passion, and vision alive.

Our arrangement is Completely Confidential

All information provided will be kept strictly confidential. It is important that you know and trust completely that our conversa- tions are confidential. The information you share with me will not be shared with anyone else, unless you and I have a clear agreement that it is in your best interest for me to do so. This coaching relationship is for you and about you. Some FIC people have happily provided testimonials. I've worked with many more whose identity will never be revealed. Finally, I will engage in direct and personal conversations. You can count on me to be honest and straightforward in asking questions and making requests. While we can be friends outside of the coaching relationship, when I am coaching your I will not be your friend, I will be your coach, and if the best way to serve you is to give you that kick in the but( I will not hesitate.

Your commitments

1. You acknowledge that you understand that coaching isn't about me taking you anywhere. You are in charge of your own future. I will be like your personal and business Board of Directors, but you are the CEO, responsible for the final decisions and the day-to-day action. You understand this, and agree not hold me responsible for the success or failure of anything you do or implement You are the captain, but I will be your navigator.

2. As the captain, if you believe the coaching is not working as desired, you agree to communicate that belief and take action to return the power to the coaching relationship. If you need me to turn up the flame, or turn it down, it will be up to you to communicate that.

3. You agree to call me on time at our scheduled times and come as a "blank slate-: Willing to have your expectations of what is possible for you violated, willing to be amazed, and willing to look deeply at what you are doing and change it if you need to.

4. As part of our coaching arrangement, I will give you a small weekly reporting assignment. These are usually due every Sunday night unless we agree on another arrangement Our discussions will determine what will be in the report. You agree that you'll do these assignments.

5. When I recommend some action, you will always have the option of saying "Yes- or "No: or of renegotiating. If you start to do it and can't continue, you agree to contact me to renegotiate. You agree not to show up without having kept your word and to tell on yourself when you're not doing something you've agreed to do.